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This is our mixed format class, and everyone loves it for its unpredictability! The variety of movements, set structure, and timing is always different, which means you can look forward to a great new workout every time!

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This class uses a circuit format. You will go through 14 stations, each one utilizing a different exercise for an awesome variety of movements, and you rotate through them for a set time. The stations are set up and ready for you, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy!

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Where jaw-dropping bodies are built! This is similar to the avenger class in that the format is always changing. The difference here is that this class is for women only, so each workout is specially designed with that in mind!

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This circuit-style class is set up with stations that switch between stationary movements and traveling exercises. You work at your own pace around the entire gym using a wide variety of equipment and body-weight techniques!

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All experience levels can benefit from the kicking and punching combinations put together for these kickboxing style classes. Not only will you burn fat, increase your cardio endurance, and eliminate stress, but you’ll learn and develop new and valuable skills and have a great time doing it!

--We recommend you bring your own boxing gloves!--

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We take it back to basics with these animal crawl inspired classes. You’ll alternate between stationary exercises and working your way up and down the length of the floor performing a moving bodyweight exercise. Bear crawls, lunges, crab walks, fish out of water… the list of these primal bodyweight exercises is endless, and so are the benefits you’ll get from doing them!

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These classes are specifically designed to develop your strength and muscle tone by utilizing different sets and rep patterns. The great thing that sets this class format apart from the rest is that there is no timer. You work your way through the class at your own pace, providing a unique and challenging workout!

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Specifically designed for young athletes ages 8-18 who want to out perform even their toughest competition! They'll learn and develop the footwork, skills, and techniques needed to gain speed, agility, strength, endurance, and the competitive edge to excel in any sport they choose to play!

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This time is designed for our current members and personal training clients to come in and workout outside of a class setting. Its the perfect time to work on form & technique, set a new personal record, or try out something new!